Teaching has changed so training must change too.

BTEC2 has online materials and in-person discussions so carefully designed that each session is a remarkable step forward in our journey of learning.

A unique amalgamation of time and tasks, reading and viewing, thinking and writing about one’s own learning. The modules include topics such as language skills, the (mis)uses of technology, wisdom tales, and the ways to serve the Generation Z and Alpha [2000/2010 to 2024] in our classrooms today. An astonishing collection of PPT slides, videos, PDF books, handouts, wisdom tales, reflection tools and strategies are part of the attraction of the BTEC2!

The Course Leader and TDC Team will be available for queries and clarifications on WhatsApp throughout the Course.
For out of Karachi residents, recordings of the key points made in the
in-person sessions will be available.

Dates: 13th September to 1st November 2022
Contact: 02134310217
Mobile: 03323639657
Email: info@tdc.edu.pk

Price: Rs. 25000 (installments plan available)

Venue: Teachers’ Development Centre, 129- G, Block-2, PECHS, Karachi


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