Art Aur Aata

Pakistan Theatre Festival 2023, presented by Arts Council of Pakistan, Karachi will showcase the play Art Aur Aata by The Grips Theatre, Karachi.

Art Aur Aata – Satire
Art Aur Aata is a bold and timely political satire that fearlessly examines the pulse of contemporary Pakistan. With a sharp wit and clever humor, the play takes a satirical aim at the societal flaws and those in positions of power. Through its engaging narrative, the play manages to entertain while also sparking essential conversations that often go unaddressed. This comedic yet thought-provoking production invites audiences to both laugh heartily and reflect deeply on the pressing issues of the day, offering a unique blend of entertainment and societal critique.

Writer: Imran Aslam
Director: The Grips Theatre, Karachi
Cast: Faiza Kazi, Khaled Anam, Ameed Riaz, Khalifa Sajeeruddin, and Ayesha Sheikh.
Language: Urdu & English

About the group
Over the years The Grips Theatre, Karachi has performed more than 50 stage plays written by the late Imran Aslam, which are satirical commentaries on contemporary events in Pakistan, What makes these plays stand out is the fact that they put the finger directly on the pulse of events in Pakistan. The political satires are innovative and hit at the shortcomings of society, the establishment and the people in power, all in a very humorous manner. Although these plays made us laugh at ourselves, yet at no time does Grips lose sight of the fact that Pakistan is our country and we, as a nation, owe it a lot more than what we have given it.

Date: 29 Sep
Time: Gates Open: 7:30pm – Gates Close: 7:45
Venue: Auditorium 1, ACPKHI
Ticket Price: PKR 1000 (for ACPKHI members and students: PKR 500)
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