Presenting to you the Naatak Brigade – IBA Dramatics Society’s magnum opus: ANJI.

‘ANJI’ is a satirical comedy about an unmarried 38-year old girl Anji who chooses to stay unmarried in order to provide for her family. Being the sole bread-earner who has already married her sisters off in good families, she now seeks to marry for herself. With nothing to lose and no one to care for, Anji in her pursuit of the perfect man encounters many different characters along the way.

"ANJI"-The IBA Annual Play

Originally a Marathi comedy, Anji questions the very fabric which makes a society’s moral and ethical structure. Anji is a departure from the established norm of perceiving the audience as a receiver, to being an interpreter; it poses a series of questions which relate to the everyday life of a person. Moreover, it creates awareness about the role of women in our society.

Director: Sunil Shankar Asst. Director: Irfan Anwar
Writer: Vijay Tendulkar

Venue: GT Auditorium, IBA Main Campus

Show Schedule:
Friday 23rd May 8pm-10pm
Saturday 24th May 8pm-10pm
Sunday 25th May 8pm-10pm

Starring Cast:

Tanya Abbasi | Faraz Nafees | Parishae Adnan

Mohammad Hamza | Hammad Ather | Haider Iqbal

For queries, contact:
Irfan Anwar (03002958670)
Tehmasip Rahil (03222061770)
Fatima Sajid Khan (03312969914)

The number of tickets are limited. The Brigade complies strictly with the “First Come- First Serve” policy. No tickets are being booked.