Anhi Mai Da Sufna

Pakistan Theatre Festival 2023, presented by Arts Council of Pakistan, Karachi will showcase Punjabi play Anhi Mai Da Sufna.

Anhi Mai Da Sufna – Tragedy

A Blind Old Woman’s Dream (Anhi Mai Da Sufna)” portrays the resolute spirit of Mai Janki, a blind woman in Amritsar with a longing to revisit her village in Pakistan, and Ustad Rangu Rangsaaz, an elderly dyer from Lahore yearning to attend his granddaughter’s wedding in India. The play chronicles their imaginative journeys and underscores the enduring connections between the peoples of South Asia, despite governmental barriers. Set against the backdrop of Partition’s aftermath, the play emphasizes the shared anguish of Punjab’s inhabitants while paying homage to the aspirations of ordinary individuals striving for freedom, peace, and joy amid adversity.

Director: Usha Ganguli/Shahid Nadeem
Writer: Shahid Nadeem
Cast: Naseem Abbas, M. Usman (Raaj), Razia Malik, M. Qaiser, Usman Zia, Bilal Mughal, Shahzad Sadiq, Rizwan Riaz, Haifa Mudassar, Rania Mohsin, Shahzadi Kanwal Khan, Kanwal Christopher
Group Name: Ajoka

About Group:

Ajoka, as the name suggests (Aaj ka, of today), is all about contemporaneity, about a commitment to stay relevant, meaningful, responsive to the challenges of the times. But it addresses contemporary issues through innovative, entertaining and indigenous forms and its impact is much more than a screeching newspaper headline or a news feature. This has been the story of Ajoka’s 39 years’ journey. Ajoka has remained nonpartisan in Pakistan’s turbulent and bewildering politics but it is proudly partisan on the side of secularism, social justice, human rights and peace. Its plays have addressed issues such as religious extremism, gender injustice, human rights and regional peace. Ajoka’s contribution to the cause of socially meaningful theatre has been widely recognized in Pakistan and abroad.

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Date: 18 September
Time: Gates Open 7:30PM – Gates Close 7:45PM
Venue: Auditorium 1, ACPKHI
Ticket Price: PKR 1000 (for ACPKHI members and students: PKR 500)
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