The samsung Galaxy S II has sold 3 million units in just 55 days.Fans of android might want to get a little excited from this announcement coming straight from Samsung.

The GALAXY S II represents our most advanced smartphone to date and demonstrates Samsung’s commitment to deliver premium, market-defining devices.

The Samsung Galaxy S II has been one of the hottest selling devices in the world, It also achieved that number in 55 days and also arguably one of the best smartphones in the world.

According to the official announcement:

A global smart buzzword, Galaxy S 2 set a record of 3 million global sales only in 55 days.

Samsung Electronics said on July 3 that its flagship smartphone Galaxy S 2 has marked the accumulated global sales of 3 million units, 55 days after its initial release: Within the period, a unit of Galaxy S 2 was sold in every 1. 5 seconds. This record shortens the record of 85 days of its predecessor Galaxy S, a ten-million global seller, by 30 days.

Samsung Electronics has dramatically increased its mobile market share in Europe, owing to the Galaxy S 2 smartholics there. In the UK, Samsung Electronics has become the most sold mobile brand for straight 17 weeks, where the local major reviewer selected it as the best mobile phone in May and June.

In Austria, Galaxy S 2 jumped into the fourth place on the smartphone hit-list, right after its release. In Switzerland, it spearheaded into the third. Owing to the fast-growing popularity of Galaxy S 2, Samsung Electronics topped the Austrian smartphone market with the market share of 30 percent. It also seized 36 percent of the smartphone market in Switzerland.

Meanwhile, Samsung Electronics held the launching events of Galaxy S 2 in Maxico and Brazil on June 30 to spread its ‘smart’ frenzies to Latin America.

 Articleby: Rafay Baloch