rohail hyatt and strings

Coke Studio Season 6 has faced some disappointments in the end after Season 5. According to the sources, there are still 3 more episodes are left but suddenly Rohail Hyatt gone for Thailand last Sunday and he is not in contact since then.

Coke Studio is all messed up, well. It was a plan to bring international musicians to keep going with Coke Studio further on if they want to, and Rohail Hyatt did all the work together, maybe it was no luck or something. Tough situations as the internal issues between Coke Studio and Frequency Media (Company owned by Rohail Hyatt and his wife) gone in to more action. Though, Rohail managed to face the problems and go further with his work to get as much out of it.

According to the reports, there are very strong rumors that Strings are going to take the place of Rohail Hyatt as he might not be in Coke Studio anymore.

Whatever it is. Rohail Hyatt deserves more and more credit for running the show for continuous 6 years and for making it the popular and most famous music show.

Best of luck from our side to Coke Studio.