A lot of people paid a lot of money to hate Transformers 2. So with Transformers 3, Michael Bay has made a movie to tell everyone how stupid you were to hate Transformers 2, and how much you hurt his feelings by hating his movie. Partly, he does this by making a note-for-note remake of Transformers 2, and partly, he does this by lecturing the audience about how bad he feels.

The good thing is that Transformers 3 is better than Transformers 2 but still not better then Transformers, by any stretch of the imagination. Giant robotic spoilers ahead!

Transformers 3 is all about how wrong were people to hate transformers 2. So the theme of Transformers: Dark of the Moon is not by any means subtle, because, it’s Michael Bay. This whole film is about how people don’t appreciate Shia LeBoufe’s character, when he saved the world twice. The government people, including a stubbornly non-kittenish Frances McDormand, don’t appreciate Shia. Random soldiers don’t appreciate Shia. The people holding interviews for crappy entry-level jobs don’t appreciate Shia. Even Shia’s supermodel girlfriend kind of thinks he’s a loser who should get a job. Whether how special Shia is!! The actual conflict of the film is the opposite of Transformer 2 – in the last movie people were desperately wanted to watch shia to come back and save the world again but shia was too busy in his college stuff to have a normal life. But this time this is all opposite. This time Shia desperately wants to help the world once again but everyone around him want him to have a normal life and he is being forced to go through a slew of humiliating job interviews, the worst of all, his super model girlfriend is trying to flirt with her ultra-rich Boss which roll is played by Mcdreamy from Grey’s Anatomy.

The main emotion that comes off Shia LaBoeuf, from the first frame to the last, is a bitchy, indignant rage, interspersed with feeble attempts at ingratiation. Mutt is pissed. This is way worse than the time those monkeys kept grabbing his butt. This time, it’s his self-worth and his ability to abseil off a robot’s neck to glory that are being called into question, over and over again. Don’t they know he got the Matrix of Leadership last time around? And a medal from the president? After a few hours of seeing Shia get dissed, overlooked and mistreated, the message becomes clear: Shia, as always, is a stand-in for Michael Bay. And Bay is showing us just what it felt like to deal with the ocean of Hatred — the snaking, the Razzie Award, the mean reviews — that Revenge of the Fallen unleashed. Incase it’s not clear enough, Bay gave another clue: John turturro’s Character, who was working in a deli in Transformers 2 but is awesomely rich in the third one. who actually wrote a tell-all book about the aliens, which was actually dismissed by everybody as crackpot conspiracy theories but it still made him millions and millions of dollars just like Michael Bay in his last movie Transformers 2 everybody dismisses it, even though it made obscene quantities of money And because everybody just wants Shia to get a real job and have a life, instead of trying to recapture his former world-saving glory, the entire world risks being destroyed. Because Shia is the only one who can save the day. It’s not really a spoiler to say that the final hour of this film includes a series of scenes where absolutely everybody stands around saying how wrong they were to ignore Shia, and how awesome Shia really is. That’s the reaction Michael Bay is envisioning you’ll have by the end of this film: a deep remorse that you ever doubted him, and a profound appreciation for his contribution to the continued awesomeness of the world. Meanwhile, the actual plot of Transformers 3 is basically the same as Transformers 2. There’s an ancient, super- powerful Transformer, who knows secrets. And there’s a super-powerful piece of Cybertronian technology, which will destroy the sun or cause the sky to blowup. And Sam is the only one who can save the day. A lot of the same story beats happen, in roughly the same order, in both films. Cast of this Movie: List of characters in Transformers (film series) Shia LaBeouf as Sam Witwicky Josh Duhamel as U.S. Army Lt. Colonel William Lennox John Turturro as Seymour Simmons Tyrese Gibson as USAF Chief Robert Epps Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as Carly Spencer Patrick Dempsey as Dylan Gould Kevin Dunn as Ron Witwicky Julie White as Judy Witwicky John Malkovich as Bruce Brazos Frances McDormand as Charlotte Mearing Lester Speight as Hardcore Eddie Alan Tudyk as Dutch Ken Jeong as Jerry Wang Glenn Morshower as General Morshower Buzz Aldrin as Himself Bill O’Reilly as Himself Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime Leonard Nimoy as Sentinel Prime Hugo Weaving as Megatron Tom Kenny as Wheelie Reno Wilson as Brains Charlie Adler as Starscream Jess Harnell as Ironhide Robert Foxworth as Ratchet Frank Welker as Shockwave, Barricade, & Soundwave James Remar as Sideswipe Francesco Quinn as Dino/Mirage George Coe as Que/Wheeljack John DiMaggio as Leadfoot Ron Bottitta as Amp/Roadbuster Keith Szarabajka as Laserbeak Greg Berg as Igor .

This Movie is also available in IMAX Technology.

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Article by: RJ ALINA