Waqar Zaka Announced the details of Online Dare on 14th December 2013 via Facebook Video.Online charity - LOTE

Details of Online Dare:

Step 1:Do not use name of ARY, WAQAR ZAKA or LIVING ON THE EDGE for collecting donations (Only Use your name to collect Donations)
Step 2:Deposit the Amount in the Bank, take a picture of receipt.
Step 3:Inbox your details, Picture of receipt and amount you collected on www.facebook.com/waqarzaka86

Deadline for Depositing Charity is 1st January 2014.

Account Details:
Title: SAVE THE CHILDREN FUND U.KSave the children
Account Number: 01-7318723-01
Bank Name: Standard Charted Bank (Pakistan) Limited Branch.
IBAN # : PK75SCBL0000001731872301
Swift Code: SCBLPKKX
Currency: PKR

Winners Selection Criteria:

  • Top 2 people who will deposit the maximium amount of charity will be selected.
  • Do Not Use name of ARY, Waqar Zaka or Living on the edge (It could be verified later on before announcing the winners)

Winners will be exempted from Auditions & City Dares and will be directly selected in top 12 at Waqar’s Den.