Talking about Call band, what immediately clicks your mind is Junaid Khan and his amazing vocals! But sadly, Junaid Khan is no more into singing since he has taken up acting as his major profession. The news was confirmed by Xulfi – Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan who is the lead guitarist of the band.

Recently, in an Interview to Express Tribune, Xulfi finally confirmed news of Junaid’s departure from the band as he stated, “He [Junaid Khan] is very busy with his acting and personal commitments.” It was also revealed that the former band member was working on his solo album without even informing him. “We have lost our common ground. When that happens, the band cannot survive. I have done other projects too, but they have always been under the name of Call. You have to pick one identity,” said the disappointed Xulfi.

And that is why Mustafa Zahid from Roxen took up as a guest vocalist in recent concerts and took the audience with a boom! For Mustafa that sure is one good move to a brighter career but for Junaid I’d say this surely ain’t a sensible decision, well time will tell. Until then HOPES HIGH!!