Have you always been in the music industry?
I Have been around for sometime and i have been well connected, So InshAllah its all uphill from here 🙂

What is your first memory of being inspired by music?
I Was About 13, when i first heard ‘Mera pyar’ by Aamir Zaki,Oh my God.. that music was just mindblowing.. something that i cant explain and i was like I need to do this, Thats When i picked up frist guitar, And my journey of music begins 😉

When did you realize you could actually do this as a career?
Appreciation, motivation and support, the three main keys to what I’m today,
Got appreciated, motivated and supported by my friends, family,
That’s when I thought “yes I can do it”

What has been the hardest part in getting your music out there?
Convincing my family, my first priority, was the hardest of all, but once they knew I can do it, now they support me, secondly those who doesn’t like me or anyone climbing the ladders of success! Still goodluck to them, and my doors are open for them,

How would you classify your music (If you can)?
One man army, lol I will get back to this question once I release my own work, which is coming soon, inshallah! 

Who is your inspiration?
Amir zaki, my inspiration for life, who showed what guitar is other than a music instrument,
Living legend I always respect, biggest fan of him.

Where do you hope to be by 2013?
I don’t know if I’m alive the next Momemt, but the question says “hope”
In 2013, I want to fulfill my dream of releasing an album, which I’m working on at the moment, keep supporting, keep praying.

What’s the best piece of advice you have received?
An annonymous artist once adviced me ” no matter how good u become, how famous u get, never think u are the best, but always think that there is much left to learn ahead, and never forget the people who made this tough journey possible for u”
I will follow this advice throughout, Cox I’m the man of my words!

What advice would you give to other musicians trying to get off the ground?
I’m too young to give advice Coz I myself is an advice seeker, lol
I just wanna say, keep working hard, keep appreciating and supporting eachother, lets not critisice and personally attack eachother for this fame, Lets do it for our country, lets be Pakistanis, and never change urself, ur personality, no matter you are at the top of the world! goodluck 🙂

Where can we buy your music?
Now this question is making me desperate to get on my aim before the time, 😉
Well I had a couple of tracks on itunes but then i took em off,I am not planning to sell any of tracks yet.. i am more focused on my live performances, INSHALLAH my new tracks wil be up soon ..