Facebook users get ready for some changes. It seems that Facebook’s timeline could soon be a single column one, with a bulk of your posts appearing on the left in a larger format. Activity modules will be in a narrower column on the right. There are other design changes are on the way as well.

Columns like “Recent Activity,” “Friends,” “Photos” and “Likes,” will be displayed on the right but the box size will be smaller than it is with regular posts.

According to a Facebook spokeperson, confirmed the design changes but said,This is just a test, we have nothing more to share at this time.

So what are the possible changes that your Facebook profile could see? Well for starters, the navigation bar on the homepage, sees search bar being moved more to the left and the three icons (Friend Requests, Messages, Notifications) will shift to the right hand side.

This change means thatFacebook wants to put more focus on the right-hand side of the site, which is the place that houses birthdays, engagement or marriage updates, gifts, and of course…advertising.

Remember the Friend requests, Messages and Notifications tab is where you end up clicking a lot, so this doesn’t sound like such a crazy idea as far as moneymaking strategy is concerned.