Waqar Zaka on 3rd December 2013 announced via an video message Charity for Online Dare.

He clearly announced that charity will be proceeded to a NGO and will be used for Poor Children, yet he didn’t announced the NGO name.Online charity - LOTE

He will announce more details by his next video message.

Steps to win online dare:

Step 1: Do not use name of ARY, WAQAR ZAKA or LIVING ON THE EDGE for collecting donations (Only Use your name to collect Donations)
Step 2: Wait for the next Video message of Waqar Zaka.
Step 3:Email your details and amount you collected on loteseason6@gmail.com
Step 4: Deposit the Amount in given Account number later on through the Video.

Winners Selection Criteria:

  • Top 2 people who will deposit the maximium amount of charity will be selected.
  • Do Not Use name of ARY, Waqar Zaka or Living on the edge (It could be verified later on before announcing the winners)

Winners will be exempted from Auditions & City Dares and will be directly selected in top 12 at Waqar’s Den.

Waqar also clarified that all expenses of the contestants from Air Transfers till Food are invested by the Channel and Show.

Faceook Video Link