Remember the time when every one of us had the same operating system? The only differences were storage, design and camera resolution. People did not have to worry much while buying a new phone. Everything was just so simple and easy.

But nowadays one of the toughest decisions of life is ‘What phone to buy?’ should it be android or IOS or windows phone? Yes, Symbian OS is not even considered these days. The more you ask the more you get confused – iPhone users will try their best to convince you for buying an iPhone while the android users will also try their best to convince you and so will the windows phone, palm and blackberry users.

You will get to see a lot of debates and hate comments over this topic on the internet, but what you need to know is that there’s no comparison between them, of course all of them have amazing features but it’s all about you here. It’s about what you like and what you’re comfortable with, it certainly is. You can’t force someone to like something that you like, we’re all different from each other and it’s just a matter of our own taste. Some love iPhone and can NOT literally NOT use any phone other than iPhone where as some people are android crazy and cannot even think of switching to any other operating system while some are totally into Blackberry and some are satisfied with Palm and some love Windows operating system. It really does not matter how expensive phone you have until and unless you know how to use it properly and are comfortable using it.

Your phone is what you make it, yes, it’s all about the applications or should I say apps to sound cool. I have even seen people having phones like S3 but with the most idiotic apps ever or sometimes no apps at all and I’ve even seen people having a reasonable phone with amazing apps in it. So now you know what I mean when I say it’s all about how you want your phone to be. All the operating systems have their application store where you can get the apps from.

So, the best way to finding a good phone is first of all your budget and then your taste with respect to design and specifications. Second is the nature of your work, whether you’re a business man, working man, student etc. And third is the use, if you keep phones safely then there’s no harm in buying an expensive phone but if you’re prone to ruining your phones and change them often then buying an expensive phone would be stupid. Know yourself first and then select your phone. In case your country has high rates of mobile theft then you might also keep a cheap phone just in case something goes wrong.

There’s no such competition as Android VS Apple VS Windows VS BlackBerry VS Palm. Remember a smart phone does not make you smart, you make the phone smart.